Yeelight lightstrip +Xiaomi Aqara body movement sensor +Gateway

I have a Xiaomi gateway and Aqara body movement sensor. I would like to create automation rules on Xiaomi gateway if body motion on Aqara sensors is detected -> then turn the Yeelight lightstrip on. In Mihome app there is no option to add the Yeelight lightstrip as a device, so it seems that there is no way to automate the lightstrip?

There definitely is a way to add the strip. Try adding it in Yeelight app if you can’t in MiHome.

I can add it in the Yeelight app, but in that app there is no options to control it with automation rules on the Xiaomi gateway/Aqara body sensor. For those automation rules to implement, lightstrip would have to be added in Mihome app.

I know… I thought they may be added to MiHome if you add them to Yeelight since they use same server

There is an option to add the Yeelight strip - look carefully or search Yeelight Lightstrip
What server is your Mi Gateway on?

If you mean the region in Mihome app, it is set to Mainland China. In the gateway device itself, I didn’t find any additional region settings.

I’ve updated the app to the latest version, and now it shows the Yeelight lightstrip. Thank you!