Yeelight Lightstrip Singapore Connection

Hello there,

I bought a Yeelight StripLight yesterday and i am trying to connect it to Singapore through Yeelight App but it stops at 25% and says “Server cant be reached”.

I tried through MI Home but i can only connect it through Mainland Chine as there is no option is Singapore Locale.
I need to connect it to Singapore as i have another 5 Yeelight Devices on there and i use Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Is there anyway i can connect it through Yeelight app ??

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I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve found a get around at the moment that will hopefully help you.

I became a beta tester of the yeelight app, then the beta app allows you to connect via the US locale. Select the US locale and I was then able to connect my Yeelight lightstrip. You’ll have to re bind all your other devices to the US locale, and the beta app isn’t quite as pretty as the normal one but it gives you more functionality.

Remember to reset all your devices individually before trying to re bind them to the new locale.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for coming back,

Is the US locale compatible with the Yeelight app as well as Akexa and Google?

I use my Yeelight app in the US locale with Google home and it integrates perfectly.

I can’t speak for Alexa as I don’t own one. But I know there is a yeelight skill for Alexa so don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work in the US locale.

Unfortunately the Yeelight app on the App Store only has Mainland China and Singapore!

You’ll have to sign up for the beta app to get the US Locale.

I do have an Iphone :slight_smile: seems like there is no solution. Anyone find a way to connect the yeelight strip to Yeelight App Singapore Locale without freezing to 25%?

Could you logon to your router and check if the bulb has connected (by checking the DHCP client list)?

Yes I could see the strip (not bulb) connected but the weird thing is that in the Yeelight app the connection times out at 25% and when I open the MI Home app l can see the Lightstrip connected to Mainland China Server even though I am trying to connect it to the Singapore server through the Yeelight app!

That’s strange, maybe it’s a bug of the Yeelight app. Could you login to China server in Yeelight app and see if the bulb is present in your device list?

Yes I can see it in the Yeelight App when I choose China Mainland!

Oh, then it should be a bug of Yeelight app. Please try logout Yeelight app and choose Singapore server and re-login.
BTW, please let us know Yeelight app’s version.

Thanks for coming back.
Unfortunately I have done this and again I have the same problem with freezing on 25% when I try to add the lightstrip and finally is added on the China Server.
My Yeelight app version is 1.8.77 on IOS
I will try to delete the app from the IPhone and re-install to check if that will change anything.
Thanks and Regards

You can choose Singapore server here and try re-add your device. Please let us know if there is anything changed once you re-install Yeelight iOS app.

Please give us an email to invite you to use our brand new beta app.

Thanks for the help!
My email is

There is no Yeelight strip as a device to add in the Singapore server only on the Mainland Server. Unless I am missing something…

Please update to the newest MiHome app. I have invited you to our Yeelight app testing. Please accept the invitation.Thanks.

Hello, I have not received any invitation to my email yet. My email is