Yeelight Light Strip won't connect due to poor wifi signal


So recently I got myself a Yeelight light strip and tried to set it up and it got stuck on connect and 0%, never went up. Please help


Have you reset your light strip and tried again?


Reseted 10 times and then i tried using the mihome app to setup and i found out the problem that my internet connection is poor which i don’t know how to solve


It could be that your wifi signal is poor. Try using a wifi repeater. Let me know if you’re still having problems.


Xiaomi sells a good wifi repeater >>


problem is that i live in dorm with pretty bad wifi signal


Oh. Well the best thing you can do is to return the light strip and get a refund.


What kind of wifi in your dorm?

When your phone connected to that wifi, the first you open a webpage in the browser, was there a authorization page popup need you confirm?


Try setting your router to a fixed channel for 2.4/5 GHz. Sometimes you need to do that when there is a ton of wireless networks around.


He said he lives in a dorm. The probably uses the public WiFi.


I already got it sorted, thanks anyways. I sorted it by using an android phone, linked to my mi account, connected the strip to wifi, and then because its the same acc, it synced on every device that i have yeelight app installed. But its weird why only android phone can connect weak wifi to the yeelight lightstrip…