Yeelight ledstrip cant connect after firmware update

I have a problem.
I Have two ledstrips and i can’t connect to one of them any-more. The one i cant connect to has the latest firmware. The other one is straight out from the box and that works. I had no problems initially with the first strip but when I was installing the other one i cant connect any more.
Any solutions to this?

Just got a new yeelight lightstrip aswell cant connect it every time i try says connection timed out check network and tr again.

I have now tried different wifi, still the same problems. I find the device in the app but it seems it cant connect to the wifi at all. If i reset the device it fails at 99%. Normally around 50%.

@underdogwins @Nishant04

What device do you use to connect, Android or IOS?

That doesn’t work to reset the led strip to reset for me.
I connect with Android.
This strip worked until i updated the firmware.-
I Find it in the app without problems but connection times out when it hit 99% after a reset. If i try a few times more it times out at around 50% mark.
It worked two days ago, but when i added a 2nb strip to it wouldnt work anymore, I think this is firmware related since it worked before the update.

An also how do i add the led strip in the Mi home app?
I cant find a way to do that there at all

Which server did you select in Yeelight app?

Tried on both hits 99% and says connection timed out check current network and scan again