Yeelight Led strip 5 meter. Under development? (Review sample?)

I know you’re currently working on some items, among which the 5 meter (?) Yeelight Led strip. I am really waiting for that one (or even better: 6 meters…). I’m running a quite popular weblog in The Netherlands on home automation based on Xiaomi products (mostly). So I was wondering, when will it be ready and can I get a sample to test and review? It will be part of my blog (, last post ca. 8000 readers) and I’m planning on including a Youtube video to reach more people for both my blog and the Xiaomi products - cause I consider myself quite a big fan of them! The video will be in both Dutch and English.

Also, if there are other products I could get to review/sample/test: please! I’m in the process of automating my entire home (with Xiaomi products) and the entire process can be followed through my blog. I have many many things still on the wishlist:

  • even more LED strips both 2m and bigger (3 x 2 meters LED, but besides this, I also want a strip of over 10 meters in total! So 2 strips of 5 meters of more would be ideal),
  • 12 Yeelight LED bulbs (or even better: 8 E14 lights (under development?) and 8 E27 lightbulbs),
  • 4 temperature/humidity sensors,
  • 6 smoke sensors,
  • 16 Door/window sensors,
  • 2 water sensors,
  • 1 gas leak detector and
  • 6 Smart socket plugs Zigbee version…
  • Roborock s50
  • M365 scooter (not related to my home automation blog, but want to do a YouTube review of it as well)

So it’s a rather big undertaking which is going quite slow right now, mainly because it’s all rather expensive! So any help would be much appreciated and of course I will do everything I can to pay it back by telling the world about the Xiaomi products and on how to use them, especially outside of China (mainly in combination with Domoticz automation)

Is there any news on the Yeelight LED strip Plus? (and the possibility to receive a review sample?)

Hmmm…just keep waiting.
I have doubt on Yeelight development recently.
I had helped in translation of the new apps, and they promise for giving me a new bulb.
New apps released for months.
Never heard a word from them.

I feel very sorry. Could you drop a mail to with your address, we will contact you.

Done, looking forward to hearing from you.

Still waiting for a response…?