Yeelight LED not in Mi app to be selected?


I like to add yeelight led into my Mi app. however i cant find it in mi app (singapore server) or neither can i add it in manually. I was able to add it into china server though.

So my question is can yeelight led be added into spore server of mi app.

I am currently using alexa skill.


which product are you using?
white bulb and lightstrip is not available in Mi app in Singapore server, so I suggest you use Yeelight App, they are available in Singapore, and work with Alexa.

Hi Shilin,

Thanks for the reply. Yap. I am using Yeelight lightstrip. My intention was to group my xiaomi air purifier with the led. As I like to explore getting the Xiaomi gateway or the Aqara AV Gateway.

On another note, do you have a listing of the voice commands for this led strip?



As Schedules and Automation are not available on server other than Mainland China, I don’t think you can group your purifier with your strip even you can connect it.

I believe xiaomi cloud team are working on deploying schedules and automation on Singapore server.

So, basically, if you are using alexa skill, I suggest you stay on Singapore server and wait for update.

thx coaster! u guys have been helpful in your replies. appreciate it! :u6e80::100: