Yeelight LED Downlight

is thing thing smart?

or just generic led down light i see 2 temp of lights 2 different device or the same?

lacking in documentation (english)

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Not smart, just basic downlight.



Shame. Fingers still crossed for gu10s.

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This is China Led downlight. You can buy other led downlight in my store. You can visit my site here.

Now you can buy it at Gearbest

I’ve ordered 10 pieces of these Yeelight 5W downlights for new lowered ceiling lighting but would kindly appreciate your help (if you have some kind of manual instalation in English). Do these downlight need an external additonal transformer or they can be implemented directly on 220V?
Also is there a possibilty for dimming them with an external dimmer?

Thank you very much for your kind help…

Directly on 220V is OK. Dimmer is also working.

Hi. Can you also share whether the downlight is IP44 confirmed? IP44 is a dust and water protection level that is required if you want to use the light in the ceiling of your bathroom. Thks

Hi weiwei. I read a comment on gearbest that states that the downlights are not dimmable. I am now a little bit confused. Can you reconfirm that the downlights are dimmable? Thks!

It’s not smart. This product is designed for Chinese market. Smart one will be released next year.


Can you please give me a little more information how to dim these LED corridor downlights? Since they do not have Bluetooth or Wifi inside, how can I dimm them?

maybe using a manual dimmer

To be honest - i’m very disappointed with this downlights. How it’s possible in 2k17 to build a lamp with low-frequency PWM driver!? I didn’t expect such thing from Yeelight, as i own several of your products and i’m quite happy with all of them. But this… I even doesn’t checked it before buying, bought 30 pcs, remade (enlarge) all montage holes. And now i just can’t use those downlights because of visual artefacts visible by sensitive people (like my wife), and because of terrible flickering on home security camera image (Aqara). You guys really let me down a lot :frowning:

I’m sorry for the downlights with flickers, I have escalated the issue to our product team.

Any plan to release brighter one, maybe 10w or 15w?