Yeelight LED Colour can’t connect to server

I’ve been trying to make this work, but it´s imposible, when it seems to work just stop and show the message “connection time out”.

  1. Did you bulb blink when trying the connection? If yes, check your voltage is 220v.
  2. Do you have the internet connection?
  3. Make sure you connect to 2.4G instead of 5G.

You can post some screenshot here, so we can help.

  1. My voltage is 110v because i live in Mexico, but a friend has one so it doesn’t matter. And yes it blink when i try to connect.
  2. I does have internet connection.
  3. I only have a 2.4gz.

We only support 220v for color version, it CAN NOT WORK under 110v. The white bulb is supposed to be 220v, however, it can work with some functional degrade under 110v.