Yeelight LED Ceiling Light not appear in Yeelight App


I addet device in Yeelight App, but my device does not appear in app. Wifi Connection works (I checked this with my and Alexa Integration also works. I can manage my Yeelight with Alexa, but in Yeelight App no device is shown. Resetting and start again does not help.

I used Server in Germany.

Moreover I switch color scheme (e.g. warm white) with Alexa my Yeelight turn off. So I must turn on Yeelight and than color scheme is changed. I think its a bug. With remote control I can change color scheme without automatic turn off and manual turn on again.

Are these problems only with Server in Germany and should I changed to Singapore?

Mi ID: 1813842016

Yeelight App no device:

Alexa works:

Look to server and switch to Singapore. Is there the light? If yes, same problem as me, here is solution:

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Thank You! Works great and Alexa bug is fixed with Firmware Update.

Thanks for update, this is an issue with a very old firmware version. Could be fix after your update the firmware.