Yeelight LED Ceiling Light - cannot add to Germany server

Hi, have two 650 and no problem with adding to Germany server.

Now bought two 320 (original Yeelight LED Ceiling Light) and I cannot add it.

Is this model supported by Germany server? Here some user wrote, that no. What about first two 650? I must migrate all of them to Usa/China?

Here is the post: Good news, Germany server supported!

Did you use Yeelight app?
Please let us know which step you failed at, so we can provide some help.

Yes, but solved!

  1. Change Germany server to Singapore server
  2. Reset light (5 times On/Off)
  3. Add light to Singapore server
  4. Update firmware from 1.4.8_168 to 1.5.5_0180
  5. Delete light from Singapore server
  6. Change Singapore server to Germany server
  7. Reset light (5 times On/Off)
  8. Add light to Germany server

DONE! :slight_smile:

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But don’t know why in Germany server are only 5 recommended modes (Sunrise, Sunset, Night Mode, Flash Notify and Candle Flicker) and on Singapore server are 9 - Sunrise, Sunset, Tea Time, Night Mode, Movie Night, Concentration, Dressing, Flash Notify and Candle Flicker

Thank you this helped me too!

Thanks for you info, i just checked in our server that 650 has also nine recommend scenes. So I want to know which device do you have 5?

“Your server” is which one? I tested Germany and only 5. If I move 650 or 320 LED light to Singapore, then 9.

Hi, do you still have the issue?

Yes! Still only 5.

Please provider you Mi account, we are going to take a look.

Two account and screenshot send via PM

We have fixed the issue, please have a try. Thanks.

It’s OK, thank you!

And what about favorites together mainlight+ambilight?

At the Moment i cant use Scenes for scheduled starts. If i select , start with Scene, i only can choose the colour for the start.
Ceeling light 450
German Server
V 3.1.61
Can you fix it?

I don’t quiet understand your question, could you post some picture to show it?

Had exactly the same problem, following your steps solved it - thanks!