Yeelight LED ceiling light 650 bugs

Hey guys, I have my light for some time, I love it. I dont exactly know since when (maybe since the latest light fw upgrade couple of days/weeks ago) but I experience now two big bugs which are crazy. It appears when operating from both either MiHome app or Yeelight.

  1. when I change main light brightness up or down and release finger, the ambilight turns on red, wtf?
  2. when i change color of ambilight to any random color on the palette the ambilight goes from whatever brightness percentage always to 1%
    I guess something went crap in fw, but pls fix it asap. Thx

Show me your xiaomi id, firmware version, phone model, app version, server selected.

There is another thing I noticed with the 650. I have the Xiaomi CUBE and moving it (slide) sets the brightness. With all my Yeelights (2x white bulb, 2xcolor bulb, stripe), when lights are OFF, it does nothing - or better said, it sets the brightness but doesn’t turn on the lights. When the lights are turned ON NEXT time, they have the brightness changed. Only with the 650, it TURNS on the light (if it was off) and sets the brightness. Could this be changed to work the same as othe bulbs?

Hi, i use Xiaomi Note 4 global, ceiling light fw 1.5.5_0038, MiHome 5.1.16, Yeelight app 3.1.11, china server. My ID sent by PM.

I have the same Problems as Dannyboy. Is there a solution?

Hi Coasterli, any development? Still facing problems. I have sent you my id dome time ago to PM.

Hi, any possibility to fix the issue please? No update, so I still have the problems. You have mi ID in PM. Thanks Daniel

Sorry Dannyboy, I missed your message.

We will publish app update shortly.