YEELIGHT LED Bulb - Problem with connection

Mi ID: 1778426148

I have a YEELIGHT LED Bulb that already was connected to USA server after In an effort of many hours.

Yesterday I made a firmware update which is stuck at 56% and since then I cannot connect the lamp again

I follow all the rules ,using 2.4 GHz Router, No password for the Router, I see the AP named “yeelink-light-bslamp***”

Please assist me because I’ve wasted a lot of time and seems to nothing works!

Can someone please help me ?

Maybe see what happens from the servers side.

Hi, i check it that it seems your bulb is in the latest version “1.4.2_0059” and it is online now.

This is the first and only lamp I was able to connect through a US server.

The new color lamp that I bought, which I can not connect to the any of the servers including the bedside lamp.

Please advice.

I can’t pair my LED bulb color. I already reserve the IP according to the MAC address.


Thanks for the detailed answer!
I think I understand and found the problem, NO password in my router.
There is no password for my network router ( I mean that every time I try to login to ones of the apps, they asks for a password, ), so how can I connect to the LED Bulb without entering a password to my Router?


What app you were using? Mihome or Yeelight?