Yeelight led bulb color won't connect to my phone

i’m having some problem with connecting it with my phone. it reaches 100% but it says connection problem after that. i’ve tried it more than 10 times right now and i can’t fix the issue. the app works 4 months ago, but after the update 2.3.20, i can’t connect to the bulb. i tried both mainland china and Singapore server.

I don’t think there’s something with updating the application.

You said the bulb worked before, have you changed your network or power voltage? could you have a try with you phone’s hotspot and see if the bulb can connect or not?

i didn’t change my network or the power voltage, it’s literally still in the same place where i first installed it. i’ve tried with my phone’s hotspot and it connected but when i open the app, the same thing happened. reaches 100% and it says connection problem. i’ve tried it using an s7 and an iphone 5s to see whether it’s my phones problem. but worse thing happen when i try to connect it with my iphone 5s, after 100$ the app asked me to restart the bulb but then it start the configuration from 0% again then the app asked me to restart the bulb again like it’s in a loop or something.

What’s your power voltage? and what’s the supported voltage of the bulb, 110v or 220v?

i’m in indonesia so it’s 220v and the bulb is the 220v

that’s it? no more reply?

Private message sent to you, please check.