Yeelight LED bulb (Color) hotspot

Hello everyone
I bought a Yeelight LED bulb (Color) but i don’t have Wifi to cotrol it.Please can you help me how i can do it with using the hotspot.thank you

Help me please

Hey! I think that you need two available devices to do this through Hotspot.First you need the device that will share the data (the Hotspot device ) and after you will need another device with the Yeelight App installed to finish the bulb connection. Hope it works for you :blush:

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Thank you so much friend

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@seas96 please can i do it with just one phone,send and receive hotspot connection.thank you

No you can’t. Phone and bulbs must be connected at the same time, and a phone with hotspot can’t connect to itself. So, you need 2 devices.

No friend, you can not connect your lamp to the same device that is the HotSpot .As @LucasRey says above correctly, it isnt possible for the the HotSpot device to connect to itself .You need 2 devices to make the whole thing to work through HotSpot ! @redone