Yeelight JIAOYUE 650

How can I change the upper color ring RGB by language (Alexa)?

Please refer to

Hi Dingyichen, Yeelight team.

Help me please.
Recently received Yeelight JIAOYUE 650. But the round shell was damaged during transportation.

The parcel came from the UK to Germany (Berlin).
I will soon be sent a new shell.
I ask you to send me the instruction / video or tell me how to remove the old damaged shell and install a new one

Thank you
Best regards

Andriy Hahin

Do you mean how to remove the old device in Yeelight application? If yes, you can swipe the device card left, there’s an option to delete.

I meant a plastic shell with a diameter of 65cm that was damaged.

Thank you.

Anti-clockwise rotate the shell, you can remove it.

Thank you very much

Dear Dingyichen.

I ask for your help.
Recently received Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 with “WHITE” shell. But the shell itself was damaged during transportation. My supplier will soon send me a new shell. I have many times asked to send me a “STARRY” shell, but for some reason my supplier refuses.

I ask you to send me a shell (only a plastic shell) “STARRY” to Germany (Berlin) if possible. And let me know how much it will cost plus shipping cost. I know that this is not convenient for you, but I hope for your understanding.

I’m a big fan of Yeelight. I have three of your products - Bedside lamp (Yeeelight), Candela light and Yeelight JIAOYUE 650.

I hope for your help and response.

Thank you.
Best Regards.

Andriy Hahin.

Ok, I will help to ask about it.

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately, I have exactly the same problem.
Where can I get a lampshade?
Mine arrived damaged and the dealer says he can not get it?
Could you maybe help me too?

Hi Sven74.
Can I ask.
Do you speak German?
Are you from Germany?

Best Regards


Ja bin aus Deutschland (Stuttgart) und spreche auch deutsch :slight_smile: