Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 with Alexa ?

hello the
Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 connected and set up.
Everything goes so far.
Only with Alexa always comes that the lamp does not react.
Also comes in the app of Alexa device does not respond.
Someone a tip?
Firmware unfortunately still 1.4.8_29 a newer not available through the app
Server: Singapore
MI ID: 1692999501

Thank you

I’ve done it now thanks
Had two entries in the Alexa app
Now it works as it should be.

A quick question to an employee.
And it is normal that when I turn off the lamp with Alexa after about 30 minutes by itself briefly and immediately back out?
I have noticed several times now.

So she goes on and off again.
Maybe you can also include me in the White List.
With the new firmware perhaps the problem fixed?

I have added you in the while list, please update firmware (version 1.5.5_0038) later and try again.

Any offline issues, let us know! Thanks.

Thanks so far it looks very good.
Everything works without restrictions.
Will I stay on the list because I will soon get another 650? :wink:

I have still one question,
there is no way to change the color of the ambience light above Alexa or?
So that I can change the color regardless of the actual lamp something will come sometime as an update?

Ok, you will stay in while list of 650 firmware.

No, you can change color your long press the remote or from the application.

ok thanks but how do you mean with the remote?
Thought with the remote I can not control the ambience light.

If you press the remote button normally, main lamp will have response for it. If you long press the remote, the command will send to the ambience light. Please have a try.

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Great it works :wink:
Many Thanks
Will it be possible with an update in this way to control the brightness of the ambient light?
Then it would be perfect.

I’m stupid
Just noticed that it works exactly the same way :wink:
Great work keep it up
Big thank you

Incidentally, you can also use the remote control to control the colors of the lamp
:sunny: + ON = Ambiligt On

:sunny: + OFF = Ambiligt Off

:sunny: Press and hold = change color

:m: Press and hold = colors change continuously

:heavy_plus_sign: Press and hold = set Ambilight lighter

:heavy_minus_sign: Press and hold = make Ambilight darker

Hi i have only the 1.4.8_29 no newer avadable for me. Can you do somthing please. Were can i find all the comand for alexa. is it possible to control th ambientlight with Alexa?


I can answer that too :slight_smile:
the whole ambilight thing is only with the remote or the app.

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As for all commands, I do not know if there is a list somewhere or something?

Am I still in the White List because today comes my 3 lamp and I would like to update the firmware immediately.
MI - ID: 1692999501

We will try to figure it out with alexa.

The latest firmware is online now.


Here is not update :frowning:
Firmware: 1.5.5_0038 > Yeelight JIAOYUE 650
Firmware: 1.5.5_0034 > Yeelight JIAOYUE 450
Firmware: 1.5.5_0180 > Yeelight yeelight led ceiling light
Firmware: 1.5.5_0164 > Yeelight bedside lamp
Firmware: 1.4.2_0044 > Yeelight LED Strip´s
Firmware: 1.4.2_0061 > Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb

Im Up to date ?
Is there a newer firmware?