Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 - Dimming quesiton/problem


I just got my Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 yesterday and I am trying to be able to dim it from 0 (which should be OFF) to 100 (which should be the maximum brightness possible)

(I have integrated the lamp into openHab ( and therefore I control it via API.)

Now I just want to be able to dim it like every normal lamp.

But right now if I set the brightness value to for example 1 then it is definetly not 1% off the Maximum brightness. The lamp is still very bright then. (I also used the remote which comes with the lamp but even there if I press the - button it still does not dim down completly (it looks like it only is dimming down to around 50% or so )

Could somebody please show/explain to me how I can have tradional dimming with this lamp.

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In order to be able to dimm it to 1% you must switch it to Moon mode. In general Moon mode from 1% to maybe 40% with only warm white and Sun lets say 41% - 100% with full range of warm - cold temperature.

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Thank you. But how can I switch from night mode to normal mode via api and how to make it to look like smooth dimming?


You can use the command below to switch lamp mode:

 // switch lamp to night mode 
 // switch lamp to normal mode

Definition of mode:

    public static final int TURN_ON_TO_CT = 1;
    public static final int TURN_ON_TO_COLOR = 2;
    public static final int TURN_ON_TO_CF = 4;
    public static final int TURN_ON_TO_NL = 5;

Cause the lumen of lamp between of night mode and white mode is not continuous,night mode is 1lm to 100 lm, and white mode is about 600lm(not sure about this value) to 3500lm, so there’s no way to make it to look like smooth dimming.

But why is there no classic dimming the LEDs in the lamp
Are definitely capable of doing that. So the limitation is only software wise.

So and there is no other color mode warm white for example which starts at 101 lumen?

Can I change the brightness off the night mode via the brightness command ?

And how do I get the current brightness?

No, the lumen value is not continuous.

Yes, the command of changing brightness is the same between night mode and white mode.

You can get property of the lamp to get brightness. nl_br is for night mode while bright is for normal mode.

Thank you I tried the normal command for brightness but it does not seem to work.

For example I used set scene command and set nightlight and the value 1

So now the nightlight mode should be on with the brightness value of 1 correct ?

When I now send the command set bright it still does not change the brightness of the lamp in night mode.

So do i need to use nl_br in my command aswell to set brightness of night light ?

thanks a lot for your help!

Could you write the command you used? I need to have a look at it.

I am using openHab with the Mi IO binding.

I was mistaken if I use


it also works with openhab

The only problem is there that the binding returns the wrong brightness value which is why I can not use it for my rule to create a kinda smooth dimming

If I use {“id”:1,“method”:“set_power”,“params”:[“on”,“smooth”,500,2]} while the lamp is already on then the lamp does not switch to normal mode, how can I switch to normal mode when the lamp is already on ?

Could you please have a look at my latest question?

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Please use {“id”:1,“method”:“set_power”,“params”:[“on”,“smooth”,500,1]}

Thank you! How can I check in which mode it currently is via api ?

If property value of “nl_br” is 0, it means the lamp is in normal mode. Otherwise, it’s in night mode.