Yeelight Jiaoyue 480 cannot connect

Hello,I’m not able to connect to my Yeelight Jiaoyue 480 using Yeelight app.
The lamp is already connected to the internet, I can see the assigned IP and can ping it. Yeelight app can see the lamp, but is stuck at “Updated connection status…” then goes in timeout. I already reset several times but still not able to connect. Could you please check the log? Thank you:
Mi ID: 1744792246
Server: Singapore

Well. definitely is a Singapore server issue. I was able to add the Yeelight 480 to Mainland China at first attempt. Plus, today I had also issue with Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum Cleaner who is not able anymore to connect to Singapore, but only on Mainland China. But for Yeelight is a big issue because I need Singapore for Google Home.
Another strange thing is that I have other Yeelight lamp (650 and Bulbs) and they continue to work on Singapore without issue).

Please, let me know if is a temporary server issue. Thank you.

WTF!!! It was my firewall hardware who DROPs every packets to Singapore Server (Dest IP 13.xx.xx.xx) considering it as malicius!! :rage:
I’m so sorry to wasting forum space. :disappointed:


Could you please provide more details about this case?

That may impact some other users.

Yes, I can, but I believe this is not a common case since not all users have a firewall in their home. :slightly_smiling_face:
However, all my home connections (INCOMING and OUTGOING ones) are controlled and filtered by a firewall. I’m using Endian Firewall community version, which is like the best known IP-Cop or PFsense.

Well, starting from Feb, 10th, my firewall starts to DROP every INCOMING/OUTGOING packages FROM/TO Xiaomi Singapore servers (13.228.253.xx) like the firewall’s log below:

Feb 11 07:06:13 firewall-home ulogd[2196]: OUTGOINGFW:DROP:1 IN=br2 OUT=eth1 MAC=xxxxxx SRC= DST= LEN=44 TOS=00 PREC=0x00 TTL=254 ID=9 PROTO=TCP SPT=49153 DPT=80 SEQ=6509 ACK=0 WINDOW=14000 SYN URGP=0 MARK=2800

I don’t know why, because previously I don’t have that issue, most probably, the Singapore servers goes to UrlFilter Blacklist Engine handled by ClamAV. They was considered malicious and then every traffic was dropped.

Well, this is the “short” story, and the funny thing is that only Singapore were blocked, The Mainland China had no DROPs at all :roll_eyes:

Good to know! Thanks!