Yeelight JIAOYUE 450, 480, 650 - shells

Hi Yeelight support.

We ask for your help. Me and my friend are users of your products series Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 and 650. But, unfortunately, during transportation, the shells were damaged or completely broken. We ask you to send us only plastic shells of the following sizes and “colors”.

Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 „STARRY“ – 1 pcs
Yeelight JIAOYUE 650 „STARRY“– 2 pcs

Please inform the cost of each of the shells and the cost of sending one package (450 + 650 + 650) and two packages (450 + 650) and (650). Country of destination - Germany.

We hope for your understanding and help.
Agree, it would be wrong to require the user to buy a new lamp, just because the plastic shell is damaged. (through the fault of the transport company).

Waiting for your reply

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

Andriy Hahin

Please contact your reseller to ask for a replacement or refund.

Hi Dingyichen.

I also wrote to you.
Is it really impossible to help? Please, very much we ask you.
Just give the price.

Or maybe you know where else you can order plastic shells for your lamps?

Thank you

Best Regards

The price of 450 star shell is 30RMB and 650 star shell is 80RMB.

I asked transport company for the price:

  • Price of 450 + 650 package is about 600RMB;
  • Price of 650 package is about 600RMB (We can put 450 into 650, so 450 doesn’t take more volume);
  • I don’t get price of 450 + 650 + 650, i think it will be about twice of package 450 + 650, cause it has twice volume bigger than it.

So the final price of them are about:

  • 450 + 650 is about 710RMB;
  • 450 is about 630RMB;
  • 450 + 650 + 650 is about 1490RMB;

Note this is not the final price,it depends on the packages packed. :wink:

Hi Dingyichen (Andy)
Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.
The shipping cost 600 RMB? It’s not a mistake?

Thank you
Best Regards

Yes, the price is estimated from SF-Express, I don’t know the price of DHL and Deppon.

Dear Andy.

Thank you very much for wasting time on my problems. It’s obvious that you are a very good person. And I’m sure that you have enough “headache” with your main job.
Prices for plastic «STARRY» shells that you reported are incredible. But the price for shipping is very high for us. If you do not mind, can I try to organize the shipment myself? If yes, please tell us the approximate address where you need to pick up the goods, approximately how much will the packaging cost for (450 + 650) and (650), about what will be the dimensions of the parcels and their weight?

If you do not have time for all this - do not answer, I’ll understand.

Thank you very much

Best Regards

The final price of shipping is based on the packages volume and their weight, cause the shell is light but has big volume, so the price, i think, is based on the volume we pack. As you know, it’s a long way transport from QINGDAO to Germany ,we should pack it well in case of damage. So I don’t know the dimensions of the packages. If you have the shell, you can pack it and measure it.

Address of us: Bldg. B, International Innovation Park, 169 Songling Rd., Laoshan Qingdao City, 266101