Yeelight Emulator using ESP8266

Hello Yeelight Fans,
can someone tell me how is established communication between Yeelight and Echo is on Local network or is communicating with server?
I am writing ESP8266 Yeelight(White) emulator but right now I don’t have Echo to test it.
I will share the code if it’s okay with Yeelight Administration team :slight_smile:

Echo and Yeelight communicate through server-to-server …

Using the Developer Api-s ? Because ESP8266 Yeelight Device sends and recieves UDP packets :slight_smile: Will be able trough your skill to find ?

No, Echo don’t have an local API, otherwise we will definitely go through local mode.

I think that have. WEMO switches working through local network. You can see in github WEMO-Emulator :slight_smile: If you want some help with Echo skills here I am to improve the skills.

Haha, looks like Amazon did give special treat for Wemo and Hue … Yes we can pretend to be Hue or Wemo and use uPNP to expose Yeelight interface.

Hah, I will try to write skill for Echo with local network, I am waiting to arrive and I will give a shot :smiley: I think you can do Local Discovery and find the devices but you must use their cloud for decoding voice and execute request. But only their server. In another forum I found they support local discovery.

I think this is what you need :slight_smile:

Yes, we only need to deploy a bridge in middle of Yeelight and Echo. After that, we will see a bunch of Wemo switches in Alexa which are actually your lights…

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