Yeelight e14 white bulb

Hi to everyone,

I write to this forum because i have some yeelight white bulbs, at home, concrtely 6. I don’t have more because some of lamps at home are e14 platform.

I need to begin to change someones but i would like to know if yeelight is going to design a yeelight white bulb in e14 standard, because in that case i will wait little bit buy this ones when will appear on market


I second that. E14 would be awesome. But a RGB version of that would even be better.

No plan for e14 so far.

Bad news then,

I think that offer, will open more market, with you great product.

Yes, I can’t agree with you more.

But at this point, we put most resources on developing new product that suitable for global scale.


Any changes about yeelight mind? And take out a E14 version on market?


We are planning that (but won’t be WiFi version), will announce that once everything is settled.

First post! Please change your mind about e14 bulbs! An RGB would be best but white will be fine as a start :smiley:


Any news about the e14 bulb?


I would a e14 (color)lightbulbs too!, on wifi.
I had al lot of e14 fittings in my home.

And Philips Hue also has e14 now. :slight_smile: