Yeelight don't work, mi wifi won't show me the bulb

Hello, I bought a yeelight lamp, but my wifi does not find the item on the network, I already did everything I found on the forum, I restarted the lamp, I used several applications, I did everything and so far without success, I am beginning to think that the lamp is defective, would anyone else know of any other way to help me?

I solved the problem!

How you did this?

I’m having a similar problem. I have the Mi home app and the yeelight app (Android 9). I already have 2 successfully installed RGB yeelight units on the Mi home app with scheduling and even Alexa integration. I bought 2 white (tunable) yeelights and the Mi home app won’t see them at all (not after resetting or anything). However, I installed the standalone yeelight app and it sees the existing 2 RGB and also let me easily add the 2 new white (tunable) bulbs. Problem is that the yeelight app doesn’t seem to have scheduling.

Why is the Mi home app not seeing them?


Only those products sold in Xiaomi channel in your country will be shown in Mi Home app. Yeelight app will support all products.

Yeelight app also support scheduling, you can find it in the advanced feature list. Click the button on the bottom left corner of device control page, you will find it.