YeeLight does not show as online. Freezes at 25% if I try to add it as new

I bought a Yeelight white bulb. I was able to connect both to the app, Alexa, and IFTTT. I learned how to reset the bulb (on & off 5x), connect to the Singapore server, and the others hints provided by others.
I tried to connect it to a friend’s network.
I was not able to reconnect the YeeLight to the other network. Now, I can’t connect it to MY network. So, the Yeelight is great IF you never connect it to another network or change your wireless router. I have managed to reset the bulb a dozen more times. I try to add it as a new device in the Singapore server, China server, USA server. I have reset my iPhone, my router, logout, etc. Every time, when I try to add a new device, the app shows connected at 25%, then times out. My original light shill shows on my list of devices in the app. I do not know how to remove it or un-pair it. It does not connect to the wifi that it was originally connected. It does not show up on the DHCP list. It did before I TRIED to install in on another wifi.
ID 1748510195

Please let me know the time of your last try. And the server you selected.

If you don’t remember, please try again and let me know.

Originally, I had success with the Singapore server, so I try to add a “second” device to the Singapore server.
I tried to add a “second” device 2 minutes before this reply. I add the second device because the first device shows as ‘offline’ continuously and it cannot be removed.

Then what happened when you tried to add a “second” device 2 mins before? Succeed or not?

No success. It jumps to 25%, stalls, and then fails to connect



Please double check if the bulb has connected to your router (check the the dhcp list).

I checked my list of connected devices. The YeeLight does not appear on on that list.
I also set up another wifi router named “miio_default”. The YeeLight does not connect to that router either.
The only time that the YeeLight gives indication that the wifi works is after a reset when the yeelight-… network appears.

Could you try with another android phone?

I had this issue. If your WiFi is a mixed 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz it will fail. Try turning off the 5 Ghz radio for setup only. Turn on 5 Ghz after. Worked for me.


Could you try this?

Still no connection. I disabled the 5GHz on my Asus RT-N66U, but the results are still the same…well…it did stall at 25% for longer than normal. I’ll try another smartphone when i get access to one.

UPDATE: With the 5GHz still off, I tried an iPad (iPhone before) with the same result…stalls at 25% before the connection fails. I also tried the ‘United States’ server and that was not able to connect either.