YeeLight connection timed out

I just received my YeeLight and I am trying to connect it to my wifi and phone.
My phone is LG G4 running Android 6.0
I tried connecting with both MiHome app and Yeelight app, on both I am getting the connection timed out message.
I’ve followed the instructions and searched the net for common issues such as these:

I’ve verified that my WiFi settings are ok, I tried resetting the bulb (5 times on and off) but I am still getting that “connection timed out” message every time.

Any other suggestions would be great.

Color Bulb?

What’s the power voltage? If you purchased your bulb from gearbest, it only supports 220v.

Yes, Color bulb as in the tag.
It’s the 220v and my power is 220v as well. Everything should be ok, but still getting that error.

Ok, so it finally worked. I don’t know which of the following made it work but I did two things:

  1. Changed my DNS to Google’s ( in my routers configuration.
  2. I’ve reinstalled the Yeelight app and chose “China Mainland” as the server (instead of Singapore).

After doing these two I’ve successfully connected using the Yeelight app (and not MiHome).


There might something wrong with your previous DNS server, results in resolution failure of xiaomi domain.


I’m having the same problem with my lights. I had them working when I got them. the problem started when I need to add a new one, theregore I believe it might be the firmware since i try to connect on the newer firmwareI at this point…no luck they keep saying ‘timed out’ after 100% sometimes 50%. In any case they won’t show up in DHCP

I have reset the bulbs (they are recognized)
Used different Android devices
Reset my modem

Please assist me with the issue kindly

What’s your router model and phone model?

I have a unbranded connectbox which is a use by Ziggo ISP its limited with settings… phone is a Huawei mate 20 Pro ( 9.0) I used my OnePlus 3T (8.0) too.

Had the same problem with my Huawei p20 pro. I’ve used moto g4 and worked. Someone else wrote that disabling wifi+ on Huawei worked.

Changing router DNS settings to google DNS worked. Thank you so much!

It doesn’t work.
My ID is: 6328558182.
My devide is: Samsung S10/S10+

I have a Yeelight LED Bulb and after reading ALL the replies here, I was trying to connect my bulb but it didn’t work.

  • Tried to login to AND but I coun’t get an access because the password changed.
  • Tried to login to 2410552805, yeelink1234. BUT failed because someone changed the password…
  • Tried to change region to Mainland China and still no success(Used to be on recommended Asia and Oceania).
  • Tried to create new account this time chose Russia as region and still no success.
    It never asked me to update my firmware which is weird
    What now and how can I fix the problem?
    Thanks in advance!

I have the same trouble. My yeeligjt colour bulbs version 1 connection time out is coming after setting up 100%
After resetting (turning on and off 5 times), the bulbs behaves as expected - colour changes and then stabilise on white light. At this point, yeelight app identifies it as an incoming new device. When connected ato home 2.4 Ghz wifi connection, the hotspot created by the bulb connects to the phone and it says - connection successful. The connection status goes beyond 50% and message s says - updating connection status, pls wait. After this the status moves slowly to 100% and connection time out comes.
I don’t believe its a router DNS issue because other colour bulbs (but version 2), are successfully clobbered and working fine. My phone is Samsung note 20 ultra , but I also used note 10 with same result. Anyway changed dns on the phone to but same result. Server is Singapore but changed to mainland China with same result. I bought 2 bulbs with same problem happeningmy wifi wonder is Nokia mesh becon. Yeelight people read this forum? Can anyone help?

Were you able to fix the problem? If so, how did you do it? Thanks

I was having the same problem with all of the comments here, after resetting the light would stop at 50% and slowly count to 100 but not connected.

What i did to fix the problem step by step:

  1. search on phone settings: private DNS
    On the hostname: type the following: ( then SAVE

RESET phone, and RESET the bulb (i know youve reset it for like 1000x but do it 1 more time)

  1. Remove the bulb and put it back

One of the two or the mix of those got my bulb fixed. After doing the steps above, i cleared my phone from all the apps running, oppened yee app and see that it finally works after hours of trouble shooting. One of the things above have fixed the problem.