Yeelight connection problem

Dear Sir,

I am having problem connecting to my Yeelight bulb color after the recent firmware update to 1.4.1_52.
I am connecting the bulb under my Mi ID 329741000.
I can see the light bulbs has already connected to my router but it can’t connect to mi account.

Please advise how to resolve this. That thanks.

Please post me your Mi account, we will have a look from backend.

I did post it on the forum
Mi account ID 329741000 registered under

Here I attach the picture of the bulb that connecting to my router but can’t connect from Yeelight software for your reference.


I saw you have four devices in Singapore server, all of them are online and this one in Mainland China server is offline, right?

You can try to reset the bulb and connect it to Singapore server.

BTW, could you try to ping “” and “” and see if it is reachable.