Yeelight colour with Homebridge not showing in the Home app

Hey guys, I’m having a problem here. I’ve set up the server on my imac, everything is running perfectly but it never show up in the home app when i try to add accessory. Please help.

please make sure that you have turned on developer mode of your device

I have

hi, according to your picture, I see the homebridge has connected to the yeelight bulb,

and then you should add the accessory named Homebridge in apple’s Home app(not yeelight bulb), after that you can control the bulb by homekit

The things is nothing is showing up when i try to add accessory, even HomeBridge.

are your phone and imac in the same wifi network?
please check that

Have you ever seen Yeebridge in your Home app? If not, please do following:

  1. Stop homebridge service.
  2. Clean all the contents of two directory: ~/.homebridge/persist ~/.homebridge/accessories.
  3. Edit ~/.homebridge/config.json, change any character of “name” field to make it different than the current value.
  4. Restart homebridge service and add YeeBridge in Home app.


It works after changing it. Thank you so much.