Yeelight Color Connection Problem

Can someone help me, i have problem device cant connect to wifi.
My router TP-Link WR741ND v4 and im using iphone 6+. Everytime i trying, it just showing like this.

is my router cant for yeelight?
sorry for my bad english

Could you make sure your password is correct? Make sure your power voltage is 200v.
Then logon to your router and see if there is some log that provides some information.

yes my wifi password is correct and my power voltage is 200v.
is yeelight server app is mainland china?
because, i tried from mihome app and connect to singapore server and its working, but i cant use automation feature like in mainland china server. and it must slide fastly to change color, when i slide slowly its not changing color.

Yeelight App only supports China Mainland connection. That’s probably the cause.

So, why i cant connect to China Mainland server?

Maybe your ISP or our ISP blocked the traffic.