Yeelight Color Bulps on at sunset


I managed to create an applet that triggers my Color Yeelight bulbs at sunset by using WU and Scenes from Yeelight.
That works fine. But I noticed that puttng the lights on at local sunset time, it is too late to do that. I need the light on, say, 30 minutes befor or so.
Is there a way to do that or is it possible for you to create something for that?
I searched for that and coulnt find it for Yeelights, only applets for Hue bulbs.

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Please check the applet that is for Hue, see what the trigger is? Then you can use that trigger to trigger Yeelight.

Thanks for the reply.

WU is the trigger.
But now I think there is a misinterpretation of the creator of that applet I did find with the 15 minutes BEFORE sunset.

The original text of the the trigger from WU is “This trigger within 15 minutes of the sunset on your location”. So it can be ON sunset or 15 minutes later.

Meanwhile I did find another applet from creator derickpotgieter,

I didnt test that one yet, but I assume he did made the same misinterpretation of the trigger.

In summary, there is obviously no solution to fulfill my wish ;-(

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No answer? I am disappointed