Yeelight color bulbs stopped working

Hi everyone, I just purchased 4 yeelight color smart bulbs 3 of them just stopped working. 1 worked for about 30 seconds. The other 2 worked for about 10 minutes. They are showing as offline and won’t turn on when I turn on the switch.
Is there something I can do or are they crushed?

It is highly improbable the 3 bulbs would die at the same time :slight_smile: Turn off your bulbs, turn off your router, then turn router on, and turn on the bulbs…

Thanks @dalanik for your reply. Yeah sounds crazy but that’s exactly what happened, I just received them today. 3 of them stopped working. I tried what you suggested but nothing happens, they just don’t turn on there’s only one that’s still working (for now)

Did you try to reset? Turn off and on 5 times (wait like 2 seconds after each on/off)

Yes but they are off, even when I turn on the switch, they stay off. It seems like they are burn out. I plan to return them to the seller for a replacement

@salidine it’s just a guess but didn’t you connect 110V bulbs to 220V power line or vice versa?

I have the exact same problem except my bulb worked for 5 months but last night just turned off and won’t come back on. The app showed it as offline. These are supposed to last for 11 years?

It’s the same for me, one of four yeelight bulbs stopped working after 3 weeks, it was in the bathroom. I don’t know if that’s related, I didn’t find any warning about humidity.

I’m having the same problem, I’ve had mine a couple years and now one just won’t turn on at all, seems “burnt out” :confused: I’m about to just buy a new one but I’d like to know why it’s not working all of a sudden or fix it