Yeelight color bulbs stopped working


Hi everyone, I just purchased 4 yeelight color smart bulbs 3 of them just stopped working. 1 worked for about 30 seconds. The other 2 worked for about 10 minutes. They are showing as offline and won’t turn on when I turn on the switch.
Is there something I can do or are they crushed?


It is highly improbable the 3 bulbs would die at the same time :slight_smile: Turn off your bulbs, turn off your router, then turn router on, and turn on the bulbs…


Thanks @dalanik for your reply. Yeah sounds crazy but that’s exactly what happened, I just received them today. 3 of them stopped working. I tried what you suggested but nothing happens, they just don’t turn on there’s only one that’s still working (for now)


Did you try to reset? Turn off and on 5 times (wait like 2 seconds after each on/off)


Yes but they are off, even when I turn on the switch, they stay off. It seems like they are burn out. I plan to return them to the seller for a replacement


@salidine it’s just a guess but didn’t you connect 110V bulbs to 220V power line or vice versa?