Yeelight color bulb switches off and flickers randomly after upgrade firmware to the latest

Bulb was working flawlessly before upgrading from to After upgrading I have this problem. It switches off and flickers randomly after upgrade firmware to the latest. It’s also getting warmer. It tried the following:

  1. Unbinding the bulb and rebind it
  2. Reseting the bulb (5*2)
  3. Changing house, router
  4. Uninstalling yeelight app
  5. Installing Mi home app.
    Nothing solved my problem.

Keep in mind that I have a second Yeelight Color Bulb which bought together but I didn’t upgrade it to the latest firmware and it has no problem at all.

It’s really strange, the update didn’t touch anything related to power consumption or other lighting effect related stuff.
If you don’t mind, please provide your Mi account and share your bulb (the one has issue) with Yeelight official account (mid: 147758983), we will revert your bulb to 1.4.1_45. After that, we can know whether this situation is caused by the new firmware.

Will you please remind me how to share the bulb with you?

Please download MiHome app to do that. BTW, you should re-connect the bulb to China Mainland server before you share it so we can see it.

Οκ. Ι have just shared my “frappedouba color bulb” with you. Will you please revert it to

Please turn on the bulb and make sure it’s online, otherwise, I can’t operate it.

Please wait till same time tommorow. I am home now.

Please, try to revert it now. Lamb is on.

We can’t see the bulb anymore, did you reset the bulb?

If you reset the bulb, please re-share it with us.

Invitation sent.

Done, it’s already reverted to 1.4.1_45.

Thank you. Lamb is reverted go I will notify you if everything is OK now.
I will post again in 10 h.

Thanks~ Wait for your update

Unfortunately, problem remains. The bulb switches off and changing colors randomly. It is also getting very hot.
It seems like it was a coincidence that the problem started right after upgrading.
The 2 bulbs (one has the problem) were purchased on december from the store “Geekbuying” Do I have the option to get a replacement for the problematic one?

You can contact TinyDeal to see if they will provide a refund.
Also, please make sure your are not using the bulb with a dimmer, we see same issue when customer used a dimmer.

OK. I will contact store.
No dimmer used.