YeeLight Color BULB Cannot Connect

anyone can help me ? ive tried to reset the bulb … but its still same …

Which step do you stuck? Please make sure if the device is in your router’s DHCP list.

yeelght isn’t on dhcp list , but 2 days ago… its working …
i try to reset bulb , an try connect again it become like this

It seems the application can find the bulb to connect. If the bulb can’t connect to you router, please make sure you enter the right password of your router.

it try it maybe 10 times… reset and try to connect like first time i set this bulb…
for your information , the bulb cant connect again , since the electrity going down , and bulb on turn off mode (standby)

can. you downgrade my yeelight firmware ??

Can you try with MiHome app?

i was tried using mi home app , still same …when pairing 100% its restart from the first step again…

can you help me ? … do you have Whatsapp ?


Yes, I will pm you my account.

Most part of the problems with connection it is caused by incorrect voltage usage. I had a problem like that when the bulb was plugged at 110V.

Did you checked this?