Yeelight Ceiling Light

There is recently a problem of switching on the Yeelight Ceiling Light with the physical switch. Is there a bug again? Last time the blinking stopped after update of firmware. By the way, how can we get notified of the update rather than having to manually check the app once a while?

Does the blinking problem come out again or sth. else.Sorry to bum you that still have no plan for update notification.Our brand new Yeelight app will release in a couple of weeks.There are many excellent features in new app.Stay tuned.

It is not blinking problem. The light does not turn on when the physical switch is on. It only does after few attempts sometimes.

dude check your wiring

Checked. don’t think it is the problem.

What’s the firmware version of your ceiling lamp?

I have the same problem. Do you find a solution? I must to turn on/off two times to light up

After turn off, you need to wait for some time (half seconds should be enough) before turn on.