Yeelight ceiling light

Is there more than one model to the ceiling light? (I’m not talking about the light with Philips)
I ordered two lights from and received two different shape cartons and inside two lights one white color and the other is beige color.
I ordered two white colors and on the carton is written it is white color but one of them is beige.

Could you take a photo?

according to the photos, they are same model, both are yeelight celling light.

So why is there a difference in color?
(the photos I upload are both of the beige color)

Just confirmed from my colleague responsible for production, the first lot of the massive production is kind of beige, changed to white from the second lot. So, your two lamps have nothing different inside.

this is kind of deception. I ordered two light for the same room in white color and now I have two different colors

and something else, the remote control of the WHITE light doesn’t control the BEIGE color light despite all attempts to coupling them.

Sorry about that, you can try to contact your retailer for replacement if you can’t stand for that.

For the remote issue, please power off the white lamp, then try to bind the remote to the Beige one again. The remote could be bind to a lamp in one minute since the lamp powered.

I tried this way of bind but it doesnt work.
Is there a chance the remote of he white ceiling light doesn’t suitable o the first massive production

No, nothing different.

Please refer to following instructions:

Doesn’t work :cry:

Did you update the firmware to latest?

no, don’t have WIFI yet at the apartment

You can setup personal hotspot with your phone, then connect ceiling lamp to that personal hotspot with another phone.

Firmware update may resolve those problem.

Will try