Yeelight ceiling light goes offline after router reboot

Have anyone experience the ceiling light goes offline after router reboot?

Can’t believe be I reboot the router and I have to go around the house and reboot all the ceiling light right? :sweat:

How many devices do you have, do all of them have the same issue?

I have 2 ceiling lights, both having the same issue. I just switch off the light via the circuit breaker and the light went back online. Does it mean eveny time I reboot the router I have to reboot the light too? I’m using Linksys Velop router.

Yes, I get that a lot. When I restart router, 1 or 2 bulbs/ceiling is always offline…

OMG… My ceiling light is contacted directly to the circuit breaker! I did not wire it to any switch.

That means if I reboot my router, I need to restart all the lights…

That will include firmware update of the router ! :sweat:

Not sure if it’s a bug and will it be fix…

Well, how often do you restart you router? And there are no regular updates to tell the truth :slight_smile:

Often it there is some issue or changing setting… If it’s a bug, hope that Yeelight can patch it during their firmware update. My Xiaomi gateway connect back to the router after reboot. No issue at all…

I can not reproduce it in our lab, all of the bulbs are back online when i reboot router.

So I want to know does it happen every time? Is there something special settings in your router?

I will feedback the next time I reboot my router. I’m using Linksys Velop it takes awhile for the router to reboot. I feel that it takes longer compared to other router.

How about testing in the lab with the router power off for 10 to 15 minutes and see if the light connect back when the router boot up.

I have exactly the same problem with all my 3 ceiling lights and 3 MikroTik AP wAP AC.

Do your bulbs happen every time you reboot router? What about waiting for few mins?

yes, every time. And they do not reconnect, even after hours or days. I have to powercycle them. Then it’s only a matter of seconds getting reconnected.

On top of that, they are sometimes losing WiFi spontaneously and also do NOT reconnect. That happens randomly but not that ofter (around once per month). All of them are in areas of good Wifi coverage. One of them in the same room as the router.

Maybe one special configuration is, that all three access point sending the same SSID but on different channels. I don’t know which Wifi parameters are stored in the devices.

I am on one router (no access points), they never loose connection, but sometimes when 1 is switched off, it doesn’t connect (only sometimes!) but ALWAYS when I reset the router, at least 1-2 are shown as “offline”, so the only solution is to turn everything off (all bulbs, gateway and router) and then turn router on, and then gateway/bulbs one by one…

Only “special” configuration is that all bulbs are on reserved IPs (static)…

@wangaijun We should try this case in lab.

What’s the gateway you mentioned above? Xiaomi gateway?

Does that gateway have same problem? @jonofe @dalanik

please show me your router model.

As mentioned above I’m using 3 x MikroTik wAP AC

Yes xiaomi gateway, it has the same problem

I’m using Linksys velop 3 node. Dynamic IP. No special configuration. My Xiaomi gateway got no problem connecting back after router reboot. Is there any logs we can check on the light?

Is there any update on this issue from Yeelight staff? Today I reboot my router again for firmware update. The ceiling light need to be restart too for it to connect back to the router.