Yeelight ceiling light connection loss problem

Hey guys,

my ceiling yeelight is loosing the wifi connection sometimes without doing anything and the only way to get control of it again is by hard reseting it. (5 times on/off). Is there any update available maybe? (my version 2.3.13)

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What’s your firmware version? The old firmware has some issue which will cause device offline under some network topology.

I have the same problem as described. After a time the ceiling light loses the connection. Then i need to reset the lamp with 5 Times Off and 5 Times on and then i can reconnect to the light. And again, after some hours the connection will break.

I think it is definitely a firmware problem.
My current firmware is: 1.4.0_130.

And a friend was able to update his ceiling yeelight to 1.4.3_155 through the app. But I do not get the update notification. I Just do not have the ability to update because the app says it is already the newest version. But that is not true. How can i update it?

Hope you can help me.

Problem was solved by changing to Mainland China server and then the Update appeared in the menu.

Since then everything works okay and the problems are gone.

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We will release the latest firmware to Singapore server recently. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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