Yeelight ceiling lamp takes a long time to power on


I have 2 yeelight ceiling lamp. One of them is working fine. The other takes a long time to power on. I have to wait several minutes before the light comes on. After the light came on, powering on and off is normal. But if I leave it off, say overnight, the next morning when I on it it will take several minutes before the light comes on again. The light is brand new and I have updated the firmware but problem still persists. I have swapped both lamps to different room and I can conclude it is not my electrical switch or wiring issue. The other lamp have no such issues.

Please advise.


Did you happen to do anything significant to the lamps before the issue happened, like upgrading firmware or resetting?
Please check which firmware versions are each ceiling lamp running with?


No I did not. I have upgraded the firmware only once and its the latest version. The symptoms persists before and after the firmware upgrade. I only recently installed the lamp. The issue happened on first usage. At first I thought it was the switch and wiring. But I swapped the lamps and the issues follow the faulty lamp. The other one is fine.

Could you show us the firmware version? BTW, before it turn on (I mean after you switch it on but before it lights up), could you control it through your App or remote controller?

The lamps are at my new house and currently they are switched off. So I cant show you the version for now. I did the update on saturday and I checked again on sunday and it says it is the latest version. If I remember correctly, the last 3 digits should be 167. I change the server from singapore to china also no new firmware updates. I can show you the version when I go over and obtain it.

When I switched it on, I am not able to control through App. The App says device is offline. Only after the light comes on then I can control it. If I remember correctly, the remote also cannot be use when the light did not come on, as I still need to pair it first. I remember i can only pair it when the light comes on. So we can conclude the lamp functions are not working only until the light comes on.

OK, it looks like a hardware issue, could you contact your reseller to replace it for you?

I bought it from yeelight official tmall store via taobao app. Would you or your good colleagues be able to assist in facilitating the replacement?

Sure, could you speak Chinese? If yes, I will bring you to our customer support team. Otherwise, I can assist you, just show me your order.

Sorry, my Chinese is only basic conversational and I have some difficulties reading and writing. I would greatly appreciate if you could assist. Shall I email you the order details?