Yeelight Ceiling Lamp keeps switching to offline


Since FW update to 1.5.5_0181 the lamp goes into offline mode at least once a day. Only a power cycle does help.

It did not happen even once with previous firmware. Is there a way to do back to previous one?


Same issue here. Have 3 lamps. Everything was just fine with the previous firmware. Now lamps go offline ramdomly. I have to physically recommect power to make them work.


There’s an issue with current firmware, please provider your xiaomi account, I will add you in the white list, so you can update latest firmware to fix the issue.




My id is 55414676.
Pls add me to whitelist




Mi account is


How long does it usually take to see the new firmware? I’m still on 1.5.5_0181


Whitelist is valid real-time in Mainland china server, and it will sync to other servers at 00:00 Beijing time everyday. You will see the update after that if you select other servers.




Hi, I didn’t find any ceiling device in your account.


hi, can you add me to whitelist. i have the same issue.
my MI account is 1594244992


I think my id in black list. My ceiling light stop controling from app. My id 1589492345, can check ?