Yeelight Ceiling Dead

Hi there - I recently bought a pair of Yeelight Ceiling lights to complement the other Yeelight products I have. I installed the the 2 with ease and they both started worked just fine with the remote as well as paired with the app. But after 30 minutes, one of them of them shutdown. It would show as offline on the map and I have switched it on-off from the mains power but no change. I even so much so took it off from the ceiling and punched it back in but no change. Then this morning it automatically came on, but would shut off after a few minutes. This is not happened 10 times and I cannot understand how to fix it. It’s not a network issue, it’s not a mains power issue.

Have you updated the firmware of the ceiling lights? If not, update it as soon as possible. For the issue one, leave it for a while and turn it on, quickly connect the ceilings to your WiFi network and update the firmware.

Is this problem wide spread?

the firmware was already previously updated. Left the mains power off for 2 hours and switched it onand it’s working for the moment, but I’m scared to switch it off as it won’t turn on again. Is this some sort of bug? Why does this keep happening?

Are you sure the firmware is the latest? From your description, it looks like a very old firmware corner issue.

Isn’t firmware 1.4.8_173 the latest? Cause that’s what hat I have …

Yes, it is the latest. When did the issue happen for the first time? After you upgrade the firmware or before you do anything?

Happened after I installed it first time, there was the old firmware. Yeelight switched off. With great didficulty it switched on again and managed to update firmware. With new firmware, switched off again. Happened a few times after again. Wrote to you, just switched on again and haven’t switched it off since…

Hi Weiwei,
After I update the firmware from 1.4.8_168 to 1.4.8_173.
I have encountered the same problem. When I ‘on’ the ceiling light. If I press ‘off’ and then try to press ‘on’ again, it’s won’t light up, need to wait for 5-10 mins in ‘off’ position, before I can manage to turn ‘on’ the ceiling light,
Can you help? I’am unable to reset the light in this case.

when you say “on” and “off”, do you mean you turn on/off the ceiling light by App or by watch switch?

Hi weiwei,
I mean by wall switch, not app.

Does your ceiling light already connected to the the cloud? If yes, you could reset it through your app just by deleting it.
When you turn off the light, you need to wait 1 or 2 seconds before you try to turn on since there is a capacitor discharging procedure.

hi Weiwei,

Now I need to unmount the ceiling light and mount it back to the clip, before the light will turn on using the wall switch. I cannot be keep doing that everything in order to turn on the light. Any advise how to resolve this issue?

I bought another new ceiling light with firmware 1.4.8_168, it working ok, with no issue.
So can you advise how to resolve my ceiling with the latest firmware 1.4.8_173.?

it might be a device problem base on what you have mention