Yeelight ceiling and aqara => need advice

Hi !
I bought a yeelight and 2 aqara switch for my son bedroom.
I use Mi Home (I have Mi Start Home Kit).

Here is my problem :
I would like one of the aqara switch to light on/ light off “sun mode”
and the other one to light on / light off “moon mode” (this one is next to the bed of my son)

I tried several stuff but I didn’t succeed :confused:

Anyone can help me ?

Please refer to

Thanks for your reply.

I already tried this but :

By clicking on my aqara, I can switch on my Yeelight ceiling with my favorite mode
But when I click again on my aqara, it doesn’t switch off !!

I’m lost…

Dont have the aqara switch or the ceiling light but have you tried on single click to first do the “turn on/off light” action (not just on or off) and THEN set the scene? If that doesnt work then you could leave it as you have it now and set the double click (if the aqara switch has it) to turn the light off.

there is no double click for aqara switches, only left, right and double.
but he is right, you need to assign a button to toggle the light on/off and another to activate a scene

Indeed, no double click :confused:
So here is what I’ve done on my 2 aqara :

  • right click = turn off
  • left click = turn on with determinated scene