Yeelight ceiling 480 problem on Singapore Server

I have installed several times the yeelight ceiling lamp 480 on mainland server but when I uninstall and reinstall on Singapore server, I face a problem. When it says connecting, it reaches 40%, says connected successfully but there is not any device in the room. Is it Singapore server problem or am I doing something wrong. I can connect it on mainland server but not on Singapore server.
Thank you in advance!

What about restart Yeelight app after connection?

I think I didn’t write it correctly. I was refering to Mi Home app, that maybe you are not responsible for.
I did it correctly with Yeelight app :slight_smile:
I can control the lamp through google assistant and yeelight app (Singapore server) but I cannot connect it to Mi home app (Singapore server) and google home app.
Is it possible to control the lamp through Mi home app or google home app?

Mihome and Yeelight share the same data server, so if you connect the lamp to Singapore server with Yeelight, you will find the lamp in Mihome with the same account and the same server.

We support Google home in Singapore/US server, so you can use Google home with Yeelight action. I am not sure about Mihome.

Do I have to uninstall the lamp from yeelight app (Singapore server) and try to install it to Mi home app (Singapore server) in order to find it again into the yeelight app? I remember that I did this before but it was impossible to connect the lamp into the Mi home app (Singapore server). It was saying that connection was successful but there was not the lamp inside the Mi home app.

Moreover, there are two different ceiling lamps in yeelight app (Singapore server) but only one in Mi home app (Singapore server). I achieved to connect the lamp to yeelight app with the name LED Ceiling light Moon.

Cause there are some devices don’t sail overseas officially by Xiaomi, so you can not see some devices in Mihome. (You can find supported device in the page of adding new devices). However, Yeelight application has no limitations.

So, it is impossible to have it in Mi home and yeelight app at the same time because it is not in the list of mi home app (Singapore server), correct?
Why can’t I find it in google home app? I would like to use it with some automations and in this case I have to find what products to buy in order to cooperate with either google home or mi home. If I use mi home automations, I need xiaomi products that means I have to change in China server that has all products on their list.