Yeelight Candela

Will there be an API specification to control the upcoming Yeelight Candela?
I suppose it will only have Bluetooth, right? Or will there be WIFI as well?
How will the different Candela devices communicate to each other? At least it was my understanding, that you can define groups and one device will forward commands to others.
Any further information would be very much appreciated.

We will consider the API specification.
For the present, only BLE, no WiFi.
Communicate by BLE Mesh.

hi. was wondering the ones releasing are they silver base or gold base? thx

also can they be alexa or google controlled?

no, it’s a BLE device. In the future, we may consider make a gateway to make it remote-accessible.

hi, will this work with my 小爱同学?

No, only WiFi lamp supports XiaoAi.

Can Candela work when plugged in to a charger? I mean, have it constantly plugged in…

Can yeelight bluetooth mesh gateway connect to my yeelight candela?