Yeelight candela problems and suggestions

Today I have received my yeelight candelas from kickstarter.

I´m very satisfied with the product, however there is dust inside one lamp and the other has some scratches.


-After linking the candelas with the yeelight app, if you delete the app and you do a fresh install, after entering your account, all yeelight lamps are there, except the candelas. So it seems that the yeelight candelas are not getting stored in the Mi account.

-I can´t activate the candle mode from the app(only rotating the lamp). Please add this functionality.


-The candle mode is not realistic. Take a look on the philips imageo, they flicker faster and look like a flame.

-To imitate the flicker of a candle i have a trick. If you have more than one lamp, for example I have two lamps. The trick is to enable the candle mode in one lamp, and then the other, so they are in different phase, so when one is lowering the brightness, the other lamp is increasing it.
Can you create some preset to create this effect (as i say if you have more than one lamp)???

I think that´s all for the moment. Thanks for your attention.

Oh I forgot…how can i know the battery level from the yeelight app or from the lamp?

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agree with the candle mode, I think they should just do a random interval for each imo.

I liked the candela but the yeelight App is buggy always the candela are offline and the lost the Group always! Please fix it and yes we need the candle Mode with realistic movment and in app! Thanks for your Service. Happy new year!

Received my two candelas yesterday.

I like the light, but would suggest a more realistic flicker as well.


Could it be possible to add a battery indicator in the app?

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So how do you turn the flicker on??? A bit disappointed with this as no interaction with Alexa or google Home!!!

This lights do not have wifi that why it does not support alexa or google home but there is a new ai speaker for yeelight so hope for the best case

So why on Kickstarter did it say that the product supported Alexa and google Home?

Not sure about kickstart but things at kick starter always change. Yours is this one right.

Yeah that’s the one! Don’t get me wrong I am pleased with them and Kickstarter does say they are still working on interacting with Alexa and google Home !! I was just hoping it would all work from the start!
Also agree the candle flicker needs to be improved and allow operation from the app!

yep let’s hope for more updates.

I love it too the Candela light but yes, we waiting for more updates because we need frantic from these especially:

  • realistic candle mode where the flickers of the light have to be not so gradually but more sharp and randomly;
  • to turn on candle mode form the app (the last update from 2 days ago is still not fixed);
  • and battery indicator in the app of course (not fixed in the update of the app too).