Yeelight bulb White light version 2 not showing up in iOS mihome app

I have managed to connect the version 2 bulb correctly in the iOS yeelight app. Everything seems to work fine, including voice commands thru Alexa but I am unable to locate the light bulb in my mihome app. I tried to add the bulb in but couldnt find yeelight bulb version 2 inside. Both apps and all xiaomi devices are running ok on Singapore server. My version 1 bulb works as it should be, showing up in yeelight and mihome app.

Is there a way to make the light bulb show up in mihome so i dont have to use 2 apps to control all my devices?

Do you select the same server in Yeelight and Mihome?

V2 bulbs are only supported in China Server on Mi Home. There is another thread for that and you can find the reason on yeelight staff post.

Yeelight should push Xiaomi to add all its products to Mi Home servers, it’s very annoying…

@dingyichen just noticed that it’s you that replied on that thread

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Thanks both for the replies. It’s a pity v2 couldn’t work on Singapore server. Hopefully yeelight can fix this in future.

And yes all my devices are on the same Singapore server.

did a switch to mainland server and v2 bulbs are shown but my yeelight strip is missing from the mihome app.

it is indeed very annoying for users to install multiple apps for devices in the same ecosystem.