Yeelight Bulb V2 Color bugs


I have the same problem too. the red of the bulb is not acceptable. it’s almost orange!!

@dingyichen you should consider fixing this problem, or you will loose customers


Please provider information below in the list:
1、Device you have.
2、Sever you selected.
3、Firmware version of your bulb.


  1. YLDP06YL
  2. German
  3. I have the latest version at this moment


Please leave your xiaomi account, I will add you into whitelist to update firmware of the bulb to fix the issue. Thanks.






My red is also not a fully saturated red, it is closer to pink with too much white in it. I’m finding it difficult to find an accurate orange as well, with the lights either looking too pink or too yellow.

Similarly, the deepest blue has too much white in it and is nowhere near as dark as I would like it to be.

Does this over presence of white in colours relate to the issue with 1% brightness setting being far too bright?

I have six YLDP06YL
Server is Singapore
MI ID: 1889014658


My red color is also not red.

I would like to have the firmware that fix this issue please.

The models ID of the bulbs I have is YLDP06YL.
I am connected on Mainland China.
And my ID is : 1815603655



I didn’t see any improvement.


I see that this issue is too old,im beginning to think that there wont be a fix for this ever,and that its a hardware limitation…But i find it weird than not all are complaining about this issue.Some lamps are ok and some not?Or they just dont see it,because they never had V1 to compare it with.

Add me on the whitelist also pls and hopefully it will be resolved.
586468515 im now on the german server.


Did you updated to a newer firmware than 0035?I really hope that it can be fixed.The Red is not as bad as it was at the start but still a far cry from V1,that is pure red.


I’m going to attempt to return my bulbs to the seller. Yeelight may be cheap but the three major faults don’t make the saving worth it, I’d rather pay more for a brand that dims appropriately, responds quickly and has accurate colour reproduction.

So frustrating, because they could have been a great product. I bought mine after seeing some rave reviews online. I’ve come to the conclusion those reviewers either had a different product or were paid for their review.


The red on the 2nd gen bulb is so bad it looks like a full on orange and why in the world the blue color is way more purplish than any other Yeelight products (gen 1 bulb, bedside, lightstrip & lightstrip plus)?

Any beta software update i can get to fix this?


I saw that its an old issue from spring so i dont know is it fixable or not?I would like a definitive answer from the devs but no one does that…


the funny thing to all this is that my V1 bulbs when i choose red… it is more like orange…

in V2 bulbs when i choose red is red-pink (it used to be worse) BUT even though it sounds crazy, v2’s color is more accurate in my case than yours i guess.

either way, yeelight is not showing any respect to their clients. this issue with the bulbs is soooo old and still… nothing. they ALWAYS had a color accuracy issue. they are trying and trying to get their bulbs to work with apple’s homekit and they forget everything else. @yeelight… word of advise. people who can pay 1000+ euros for an iphone… they will have the money to buy LIFX or Philips Hue. focus on your current clients.


@dingyichen @coasterli @weiwei could anybody say something about this issues we’re facing?


V2 use different LED chip with v1, so there will be minor different effect with the pure color.

Please show me your current firmware version.

Thanks for your understanding.


1.4.2_0030 for 2nd gen bulb

Not sure though, but why all of my Yeelight products including the Strip Plus have a true blue colors but not the 2nd gen bulb? It looks purplish


Than its something that cannot be changed due to the different Led chip?


Today I’ve noticed for the first time that when I use the Google Home command: make the lamps yellow, then it will change to a color that is way more green than it is white.