Yeelight bulb failed on me (again)

hi there people,

so, beforehand I love xiaomi (and yeelight) for bringing well-needed competetion in the game and i’m stoked to see what’s in store from them for us in the near future

I’ve had plenty xiaomi gadgets in the past but after my boring non-smart lightbulb (:grin:) began boring me i went on the web and bought two Yeelight color bulbs. This was in the beginning of 2017 which is hardly a year later and was stoked to also smart-ify my lightning setup and the fact it has a 11 year life expectancy made it even better, to my suprise it worked better than expected but i still had a fear of it failing on me.

Few weeks after i recieved my goods I was up and running and i had one bulb in my bedroom and one in my livingroom but to my fear the light bulb in my living room died, it started flashing and buzzing and it was basically dead (AFTER 4 WEEKS) but i thought it was a rare hardware, i got that refunded and just popped in a normal light bulb in there for the time being.

few weeks back in december i read there was a new version coming of the bulb and was patiently waiting for it and wanted to buy a few of them.

so today; a year after i bought it, the one in my bedroom died on me with the same symptoms as the other one, flashing buzzing and it felt quite saddening to have it happen to me twice in one year while it claims to have a expectancy of 11(!) years.

This really is a roadblock which prevents me from considering buying the revision of which I was reallly excited about… :pensive:

any solutions for this?

As a Yeelight team member, I am very sorry for what happened to you.

It’s really abnormal case for continuous product failure on the same user.

Yeelight smart light bulbs has proven quality and the product failure rates are below 0.1% on general.

I hope you can provide more information and we can help diagnostic your environment and hopes to identify the issue.

In which country do you use the product? like power voltage?
Where do you get the bulb, would you please provide the link if purchased on line?
On the defected product, what is the voltage printed on the product?

Of course you can definitely go to the dealer for replacement or refund, we are sorry for bring you trouble and we believe this would be solved soon.

I am so sorry for the inconvenience, of course you can contact your retailer for replacement or refund. Could you help us to find what’s going on with the bulb?

Do you still have the bulb? If yes, could you help to confirm that:
1、Where do you put the bulb, could you post a picture of the bulb?
2、When the bulb starts flash, does it can be controlled by Yeelight? Could you power off the bulb by wall switch for half an hour and try again to see if the bulb will be online or nor?
3、You country and your power voltage.

By the way, I want to know after you have the bulb, how often you control the bulb by wall switch, a day? a week? or alway online you control it by the application?


i’m from the Netherlands and our light voltage is 220v.

I got both bulbs from another website.

the gearbest one was the one in my room.

the label:

  1. I put the bulb in my ceiling lamp

  2. the bulb cannot be controlled by the yeelight app

  3. the netherlands, 220v (as far as i know. Could be 230v too)

video showing my problems:

What about this item?

Okay, I tried but no luck.

Any info on the second yeelight bulb so I can consider buying that one(i can beta test it for you here too in Holland if you need :grin:)

It seems this video is unavailable. We want to dig out what’s happened with your bulb, so please have a check.

Will be available in four months.

Living in the Netherlands too…I never had any problems with all my bulbs…so I think you must be really unlucky with both bulbs dead.

done, it was on private

I saw the video you post, does the plug have any dimmer with it? Or do you have other plugs to have a try to see if the bulb still flashes.

Same problem here, I’m from Mexico, bulbs are colour, same as the man, and they just keep flashing, can’t reset them because I turn on the switch, and start flashing.

No dimmer, i will try it on another bulb tomorrow.

tried another plug but nope

From the video you post, it seems the bulb is restarting all the time. This is a rare phenomenon, and happened twice in your case. I have no idea, maybe there is some issue with the hardware. Does your voltage is stable? And what’s the temperature in your home?

I think you can buy another bulb, we can refund you.

Temperature is quite neutral here around the 9-15° right now, humidity is also not really an issue (~70-80%)

im not sure if it’s hardware related cause one broke in my living room and the other in my room so the hardware is both different in my case

Okay good news.

Electrician went by our house today, so our lamps were outputting around 220v (which the bulb should support) but he went out and lowered it and now the bulb works again, for now it does.

Maybe some of the bulbs have problems using a 220v output.

The voltage output is always 220v, and it’s stable in China, so the lamp definitely supports outputting around 220v. Since you can lower your voltage, does it stable? I think your bulb is good, maybe you can have a try with other adapters in other places if it happens next time(I hope not :joy:) .

Anyway, glad it works for you agin :grin:

Cheered too soon, its broken again :joy::joy: