Yeelight bulb EXTREMELY hot


After about an hour of my bulb being turned on it is extremely hot (hotter than my other bulbs that get turned on at this time) it then begins turning itself off every minute for 5 seconds. How do I fix this?

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same problem here :pensive: i tried with different slot but result is same


It seems a hardware issue, you can contact your seller to replace one for you.

I have thrown the box away. Are you sure it’s not firmware? All my bulbs are now heating up the same way?

i used snap feature for more white and more brightness because i hate warm white. and yes i found proper lighting for me for daily use. but when i use this color temperature, my yeelight almost like burning. very hot. if i use normal white color temp scale in application everything seems normal. interesting

I have exactly the same problem. On every other colors it can run for hours and days, only when i turn on white and maximize the brightness the goldish stand of the lamp gets extremely hot i cant touch it.

Hi, I’m concerned this has not been addressed lately as it’s occurring with the version 2 bulbs. Is it possible the yeelight team could look into the heat of the bulbs?