Yeelight bulb color not working - timeout response

both of my 2 new lights are not working. After connecting to the light with my phone and then again to the wifi network, I am reaching the 100% and instead to be connected I am getting all the time “timeout error”.

Please consider that with the same phone and wifi network was able to use the same light both 2 years ago.

Could you please help on this, as I can’t use the 2 new lights?

Thanks in advance for your support.
Best Regards,

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I have the same problem. Why haven’t you received any responses?! Have you solved it?
I have 2 bulbs, and I have reset one of them perfectly (5 times on-off) but the other one spits a timeout error all the time. It does connect to my router (I see the ip) but just says timeout error. I have a livebox router that does not let to change the DNS. The DNS it uses is

I have the same trouble. My yeeligjt colour bulbs version 1 connection time out is coming after setting up 100%
After resetting (turning on and off 5 times), the bulbs behaves as expected - colour changes and then stabilise on white light. At this point, yeelight app identifies it as an incoming new device. When connected ato home 2.4 Ghz wifi connection, the hotspot created by the bulb connects to the phone and it says - connection successful. The connection status goes beyond 50% and message s says - updating connection status, pls wait. After this the status moves slowly to 100% and connection time out comes.
I don’t believe its a router DNS issue because other colour bulbs (but version 2), are successfully clobbered and working fine. My phone is Samsung note 20 ultra , but I also used note 10 with same result. Anyway changed dns on the phone to but same result. Server is Singapore but changed to mainland China with same result. I bought 2 bulbs with same problem happeningmy wifi wonder is Nokia mesh becon. Yeelight people read this forum? Can anyone help?