Yeelight bulb, blinking continously

yeelight bulb rgbw failed to connect initially, so I did the 5 on off cycle to reset it. since then it just blinks white 4 times then cycles through the colors, then back to white 4 times and so on continuously. It will appear and disappear as a wifi hotspot and I cannot connect to it to set it up. What can i do to fix this? Is my bulb faulty?

Please make sure your power voltage is 220v. The color version doesn’t support other voltage…

I have the same problem!

My problem was solved with a 110 to 220 converter. These will run on 110 once they are set up while connected to 220, or at least they do for me. great bulbs other than having this problem, which is my own fault for not noticing they are advertised to run on 220.


I already had my yeelight bulb for about 3 months and it always worked fine, but since tonight, when the lamp was off, the lamp started blinking 4 times and once it restarted. I can not connect to the yeelight app. Any idea how to solve this problem?


I live in the US & set up five YLDP02YL bulbs without issue back in December of 2018. I just recently purchased two more bulbs & cannot get them to connect to my network. They would act a little bit differently every time I reset them. Sometimes the Mi Home app would detect the bulb & time out trying to connect or I would have to manually search for it by product type & follow the instructions to reset it. It would then prompt me to go to my WiFi settings & connect to a yeelink SSID. If you’re lucky enough to have the SSID appear & are able to connect to it, the connection process will start & time out again. I’ve spent several hours looking for a fix. I tried to use a hotspot to make sure it would connect via 2.4 ghz & even tried using the hotspot name & password to “quit factory mode”. Nothing I tried worked so I went & got one of the five bulbs I originally purchased & factory reset it. The Mi Home app instantly detected it & within a couple clicks it was good to go. That’s while using a 5 ghz connection & using a 110 v fixture. Nothing about this makes any sense. The only difference I noticed between the bulbs was that the good one cycled through colors & then turned solid white after resetting it while the bad ones cycled through the colors & then blinked white three times & kept repeating that cycle. Do this sound like I bought faulty bulbs?