Yeelight Bright Moon with Amazon Echo/Alexa


I have linked with Amazon Alexa with Mi account. and show it is successful. However, using Alexa I can’t seem to be able to find my ceiling light (Yeelight Bright Moon). In my Mi account, the ceiling light is registered.

I have try on/off the main switch 5 times and the light starts blinking. Amazon Alexa couldn’t discover it. The light can be control using the remote control and the Apps.

Your kind input will be most welcome.


Hi, which server do you connect? Have you try Singapore or US server?

Sorry, I am lost. what do you mean Singapore or US server?

If for Amazon Alexa, it is the US server. There is no Singapore Server.

You need to connect your Yeelight devices to Singapore or US server.

lolz! I switched to US server. And then enable the Yeelights skill on Alexa Amazon. Still couldn’t discover the ceiling light. ???

Let us know your Mi-Account and we will take a look