Yeelight blinking quickly. Will not work

Hi guys,

I got the yeelight Ceiling today. Installed it and got it to pair with the remote and added it in the app through the wifi just fine. I noticed at full luminosity it started to flickr so I had to reduce for the flickering to stop. I upgraded the firmware to the latest (china server), if I recall correctly it was 1.48xxxx (I might be wrong). After some minutes it just started blinking, some seconds off and a fraction of the second on. Here is a videoclip:

The app says it is offline and I cannot trigger it from the app, neither can I do that with the remote. I tried to reset it with the 5 times trick, but with no results. Any idea what is happening?

Thanks in advance,

Hi again,

It seems like the problem was caused from a dimmer switch. I replaced it with a normal one (on/off) today and it is working fine.


Yes. Dimmer switch will cause some trouble to smart devices, ceiling lights as well as bulbs.